The Amazon

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RoleReversal

As I woke up this morning I was feeling kind of frisky and I started touching myself. Immediately my fantasy kicked in.

It was the weekend of my parents' anniversary which was taking place in a beautiful vila in summer Tuscany. Unfortunately my soon-to-be wife was held overnight at the Berlin airport because of a flight delay.

We were having dinner with some friends and family including Elisa, a cousin of my fiancee. A very pretty girl, taller with a bigger body than mine, superb voice and smile and breathtaking thighs which I absolutely adore at a woman.

In a way I was feeling guilty for focusing on her that much and kind of flirting with her. It was a guilty pleasure. At the end of the evening everybody retired to their rooms.

As I was laying in the bed on my left side half asleep I heard someone slowly enter my room and sneak up behind me. It was you Elisa. You kissed my shoulder and gently bit my ear whispering "don't turn around, you belong to me now". I could have recognized that silky smooth voice anywhere. I was so confused but amazingly aroused at the same time. Then you put your soft lips on the back of my neck, making circles with your tongue in my ear.
Meanwhile you took of my T-shirt and I felt your soft breasts touching my back while your hands caressed my chest and delicately played with my nipples.
You pull me tighter against you and as your hands move downwards on my stomach I feel a trail of sweat between our bodies which makes this experience even more insanely hot.

Your fingers than wander deeper inside my boxers pulling them down but leaving them around my ankles in an attempt to entice me even more which successfully succeeds. By now my inner thighs, testicles and perineum are covered in sweat and you delicately wipe them off with a cold tissue and massage them.

After that you tell me to turn around facing you, wrap your sexy thighs around me just like a predator does with its pray and tenderly slide inside me with your red strapon. We begin to kiss as your hands caress me all over and at the same time to intensely play with my penis and testicles.

As your cheeky tongue frolics with mine you are now rubbing my cock even more fiercely and your thrusts are vigorous and deep. I am now close to exploding and you demand me to look in your eyes as I fall apart, victim of an earth shattering orgasm.

You kiss me one last time as you caress my cheek, put on your robe and watch your sexy silhouette fade into the night as I lie in a pool of pleasure...