Teacher's Pet

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Lollie

The summer after I graduated high school I lived with my young, handsome English teacher and his gorgeous wife, who was a researcher at the institution where I was interning. She was like a friend/big sister to me. When I had sex for the first time, I told her and confessed that I didn't find it that enjoyable. She showed me how she masturbates, and we both masturbated together, but it was very matter-of-fact and instructional. I wish I had had the courage to lean over and kiss her, to go down on her and have her go down on me. I wish I could've had a threesome with her and her husband, where together they could've taught me what good, pleasurable sex could be like. I still fantasize about this sometimes, her holding and caressing me while he fucks me, or the two of them teaching me how to properly suck his dick. Maybe next time I visit them...