Sunday morning making up sex

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

We had a fight, yesterday evening. She went to bed early, turning her back on me when I came in later. I didn't sleep well, I knew I had to make up with her. I cannot live without her love. So, I got bold, went to the bathroom, got a bottle of massage oil, stepped back in bed, and started gently massaging her neck and shoulders. Maybe softening her muscles will soften her mood as well, I hoped. She moaned softly in the cushion, so I carried on, slowly working my way down. I learned from her moaning noises that she liked what I did, so I went on further south... I reached her beautiful, luscious heartshaped buttocks, and softly massaged them. She opened her legs a little, just enough for me to lube the crack with some oil. Gently, I pushed my oiled up finger down this valley. There it is, her tight little butt! My finger lingers round it, until I see it open up in anticipation, welcoming my finger. She sighs happily, opening up her legs a little more, so I get better access to her luscious butt. She is so relaxed now that I can push more fingers in, making way for my steel hard cock. Hastily, I lube my shaft with some oil, and kneel behind her, ready to mount her like a stallion an mare. Gently, I push the head of my cock in, feeling her open up to welcome this bold intruder. I thrust carefully, making her feel comfortable with it. Soon, she starts thrusting her buttocks back harder and harder, riding my cock fiercer than I would have dared do to her. When she comes, she shouts dirty words at me, demanding me to come in her ass. I do as requested, and we fall on the bed, all sweaty. We lay there, cuddling up, kissing. I feel my cock slide out. Later, we shower together, all is good now...