A Sexual Fantasy

— By Otis

We're somewhere beautiful. I'm going down on my partner. Her legs are spread wide, and she's propped a pillow under her lower back so i can lick right down her vulva to her asshole. I'm bent over in front of her, my eyes closed, naked, licking, kissing, biting gently. I love her.

And then, out of nowhere, a hand on my back. It slides up my spine, grabs one shoulder, is joined by another. They grab me hard. Something cold and wet splashes on my asshole, and then a cock slides into it. I open my eyes, lift my head, try to turn around to see who has joined us, but as i do, another cock—erect, beautiful—is in front of me. I can't help it—I grab it, run my tongue over its tip, swallow it whole. I close my eyes again.

Hands everywhere, touching me, rubbing my nipples, my balls, my arms, my legs. And then a mouth on my dick. It's my partner, I know it. She is sucking me as I suck this anonymous man, as another man fucks me from behind. I feel his hard muscles slamming against me. Then he is gone, and something hot splashes on my back.

And then another cock, and another. There are cocks everywhere, in my ass, in my mouth, in my hands, and I am here, with the woman I love. I am desired and used and satiated. I feel amazing. I want nothing more.