Rolling round naked

A Sexual Fantasy

— By UntamedRelease


Her greased, naked body launches towards him; His broad, naked body gratefully receives it.

"You're going down" she tells him, "so fast".

"I can't wait" he replies as they struggle, thighs gripping tight around him and cleavage pressed across his face, while arms grasp for leverage over each other.

She slides herself up him, body on slick body, reaching back to handle his hardening manhood. Still further she moves upwards till lips meet lips and taste each other. Pleasure surges through their bodies.

Not sated he turns her over, feeling the heat of sexual need pulsating through him. A final kiss to her lips, a playful lick of her crease, and now he takes his turn over her. Legs wrap round him once more. Arms pull him into her. Hard cock finds her warmth. Bodies reach barely containable ecstacy.

He thrusts. She takes. They writhe as skin slips over skin, and hands explore. "You know what happens when you lose" her voice stammers. "You know what you get".

His body tenses further as pleasure waves beat through him. The world tenses around him as he releases, not able to hold himself any longer. He swears he hears breathless moans in his ear".

"Yes...yes, good boy" she whispers. "You almost had me cumming for you, didn't you...but you just didn't quite try hard enough". The taunts prolong the totality of his joy. "Not quite hard enough, so go get me your toy."

"Ok" comes his defeated reply, with a mixture of nerves and desperate anticipation.

"Good boy" she repeats. Trembling bodies begin to unmerge, whilst her hand smacks his beaten ass.