Psycho Analysis

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Parafilica

I know it’s a cliché, but one of my biggest fantasies is to have sex with my college teacher. I’m studying business, but I have a teacher who’s teaching us organisational psychology. He’s the typical kind of “nerd” but he has this sex vibration that turns me on whenever I see him. I’ve been fantasying of us in the classroom when everybody’s gone, about sex, laughing and turning the temperature on. Suddenly, we stare at each other, there’s silence and passion all over the room... then we kiss passionately, he grabs my tits while I grab his dick. The kisses turn more intense. He bites my lips and I moan, now he’s kissing my neck and touching my pussy, I moan even harder. He pulls my skirt off and spanks me, he puts me on the table and pulls my hair. We’re about to have sex... first we try the normal penetration, with a little bit of spanking and slapping. Then we try anal sex. I moan with pain and pleasure at the same time, he starts saying to me that I’m a bad girl and that I deserve a punishment. I just say yes with my head while I continue moaning. He pulls my hair and puts his middle finger in my mouth. When he’s about to cum, he pulls me to the floor and makes me suck his dick, so I can swallow his cum...
Then we leave the classroom, as if nothing ever happened.