Pool Party for Three

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Andre

On a hot June afternoon me and my girlfriend Alyna went to a party that our friend Lucas was throwing. Once we got to the party we realised we were the first ones there. Lucas caught my eye as he lay out in the sun with his toned body; and as he was putting sun screen on his body I knew I wanted to have sex with him. So as the party was wrapping up we were the only 3 left at the party... so I walked to Lucas and I confessed to him how sexy he was looking, and I started to kiss him. He was enjoying it and my girlfriend saw us making out and she joined in on the action. So after making out for a while Alyna started sucking both of our dicks and it was different for Lucas since he was gay and had never been with a girl. So to enjoy the moment even more I started to suck his dick while he ate out Alyna and then he started to suck my dick and I ate out Alyna. Then Lucas got some condoms and we start to fuck. Lucas was moaning so hard at the fact that my dick was giving him so much pleasure and my girlfriend was fingering herself loving every moment of it, then Lucas started to fuck me and I didn't know what to think about being fucked by another guy, but after he stuck his dick in me it was one of the best experiences ever and my girlfriend was there caressing me while he fucked me, it was awesome. Then after that Lucas fucked my girlfriend for a while and he seemed to enjoy himself as well! Then after I fucked Alyna for a bit, and we both unloaded our weak hot cum all over her tits. Then we finished by making out. By far the best sex experience I've ever had.