A Sexual Fantasy

— By Max

I love to Masturbate, and more over, I love to masturbate anally. (everybody has a butthole! double fun!)
I choose a set and setting that allows me to focus inwardly and immerse myself in the moment. Ceremony, Adventure! People who have witnessed my masturbation exercises say it has commonalities with some tantric practices, like breath and sound work combined with edging. I start on the bed, with several minutes of focused breathing and full body strokes, to center and set my intent. A little shower time with a trusty purple vibrator for a warm up, then I move to a favorite sunny spot in the living room. A large blanket is spread on the floor and over a small stool. An open, bright yellow tool box filled with toys is always an anticipation builder. A purple sex pillow sits to the side with a lifelike dido mounted in the center ready to ride. The colors pop in the nearly all white room lit with morning sun. I love playtime! I eagerly start and stop and change positions and change intensity with the differently shaped, brightly colored dildos in the tool box. Keeping myself in a zone of ecstasy, the process gives me a cock so hard you could bounce a silver dollar off of it. Then I go for the pillow. It holds a lifelike 8” dildo in the middle of its saddle shaped form, and a little pouch for a vibrator in the front. Riding the pillow “Reverse Cowgirl” is so fun! Giggles, growling, maybe a silly giggle-snort, :P) are emitted as the waves of pleasure wash over me. I hold myself at the doorstep of orgasm for as long as possible. Once I fully relax and truly surrender to the moment, I am wrapped in a massive (sometimes hands free :P) ejaculation both externally and internally that sends shakes through my entire body from the perfect massaging of my prostrate, pelvic floor and penis. 
I smile.