On Display

A Sexual Fantasy

— By artguy

I have a reoccurring fantasy of being a plaything on display for a group of strong mature women. Each of them coming from different walks of life. A doctor who strips me down and gives me an embarrassing and demeaning physical in front of them. Stretching open my tiny asshole for the other women to watch as she probes me. Next a dominatrix who spanks my ass and teaches me to submit. Breaking my spirit to bend to her commands. Then an artist, as she dips her hands in paint to slap, grab and caress different areas of my body. Turning me into her masterpiece. Last but not least a mother, as she bathes me clean after all I’ve just been through, even then she still finds ways to own me. Fingering my asshole to ensure I’m even clean there, diapering me because I’m nothing but a baby to her. Finally she nurses me at her breast as the other women walk away to another room with another fresh young piece of meat to own.