A Sexual Fantasy

— By lenilein

Last summer I was an intern in Munich. All my colleagues were really nice people, but one was special. Since the good-looking, handsome director was 29 and I was the little, 21-years-old intern I would have never thought I had a chance with him, but there was this electric atmosphere between us... Our desks were facing each other and every now and then I could feel his eyes on me, basically stripping me naked.
Then Oktoberfest started. He texted me. He wanted to buy me a drink, wanted me to put on my Dirndl, wanted me to join him in the party. He tried to be an honorable man, telling me that I should maybe stay at home, that he was too drunk to make any intelligent decisions. If I wasn't going to go before, I definitely was after he wrote that.
When I arrived I immediately saw that he wouldn't keep his hands off of me. We kissed, we drank, we had a lot of fun. At some point we couldn't keep our hands off each other; I can't remember ever wanting sex so badly. We both had people staying in our rooms at home. So we were strolling through the city, looking for opportunities, now and then stopping to still our hunger again. We ended up walking through the English Garden, a huge park in the centre of the city. Quiet, dark - perfect for what we had in our minds. There were still people in the park, but at this point we didn't care. Everything became quite passionate and really intimate, although we didn't even take our clothes off. We found a bench, quickly opened his Lederhose and removed my panties. Everything was so quiet. We could only hear our loud breaths. I never had intense sex like this before. We did not really care about people passing by, just stopped for a second when they approached. We weren't naked, they couldn't see a thing. They couldn't see that he was fucking my holes, that he gave me the best sex ever.
Believe me: the next day at work the atmosphere was even more heated than before.