My own unknown intimate

A Sexual Fantasy

— By RJC6102

I'm in a bar on a Friday night. As the girls are laughing, and the jukebox is playing, I see you. I get up and walk right in front of you,to make immediate full on body contact with me. Your chest and cock press right against my back. By this time, the bar is packed. I turn around and someone bumps me right into you, pushing us closer together. You make a joke, I laugh, and we being to dance. We can't hear over the music, so you walk me home. As we enter the house, we begin to kiss, you pick me up and I wrap my legs around you. You carry me up the stairs without missing a beat. Once we get to the bedroom you slowly unzip the back of my dress, and I let is slip off. We continue to undress each other. I reach your pants, and get on my knees to lower them. I can see the bulge of your dick in the dark, and take you in my mouth. Slowly, I swirl my tongue around the tip. Just teasing you before I put your whole cock in my mouth. You pick me up and throw me on the bed and get ontop of me. You slide your hand under my panties and start rubbing my clit until I moan, then you slide your fingers inside me. You take my underwear off and start licking my pussy right when I am about to cum, you shove your huge, thick cock inside me. I moan, spread my legs, and arch my back, and immediately orgasm. As you bite my neck, and go as deep as you can, I grab your cock and slowly guide it lower. I tell you I want your dick in my ass. You slowly put it in, and we both start moaning. You flip me over, so we are in dog style, reach around. With one hand you are rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy, with the other, you grab my nipples and rub them between your fingers. I am moaning so loud, you grab my hair and pull, then I feel you pushing in and out, grab my hips, and start saying "fuck". You tell me how tight and good my ass feels, and I can feel you cum inside me, trembling. You reach over to the nightstand, pick up out two rings. I kiss your cheek, and place mine on my left hand, you on yours, and say, our kids will be home soon.