Letting Go of Old Ideas About What it Means to be a Man

A Sexual Fantasy

— By sunshineforplants

I am a woman and am in love with a man who only desires to engage in intercourse with women. We have anal sex together sometimes where he penetrates me, but I have never penetrated him with more than 2 fingers. I see how much he enjoys himself when I lick his anus or go inside of him with my fingers. I have a fantasy that another man is over at our house for dinner and then he begins to kiss me, and then my partner begins to kiss him. My partner then begins to suck and caress his penis and then allows the man to go inside of him. I stroke his penis while the man is inside of him and my partner makes small noises. I can see that my partner is lost in pleasure and that he loves the feeling another man's penis in his hands and in his anus. My partner then enters my vagina and the other man enters my anus as I touch my clitoris.