Let go of Control

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

The day after the night before, I woke up with my lover next to me, naked, his cock half erect, still sleeping. We had some good sex last night, but when he suggested anal sex, I refused, claiming that my butthole was too tight for it. But now, the next morning, I can't help thinking about it, and I start playing with my pussy, and when i'm getting wetter, start with one finger caressing my butt. At first, it tightened up, but after a while, it opened up, and I managed tu put my finger the whole way in. Really excited now, I really start to understand the whole concept of anal sex, it's letting go of control, really giving yourself to your partner. Soon I reached my first anal orgasm, and I was gasping for air. That woke up my lover... do I dare to fulfill his deepest sexual wish?