A Hot Summer Course

A Sexual Fantasy

— By 123Moondog

I failed my university exams. But I had the option of going to a summer course, so that I could re-do my exams later that summer. So here I was, on this deserted campus, with only a few other lost souls like me. After a few days of intense studying, I needed a break. And since I was bored AND horny at the same time, a plan popped up in my head... I always fantazised about having sex on the stage of the big auditorium of our university. So, later that night, after a few ( actually a lot) glasses of wine I broke into the main building. Covered by darkness I climbed on stage of the auditorium, removed my clothes and started masturbating. One, two, then three fingers in my pussy while rubbing my clit with my other hand... Halfway through, I let a finger wander off, caressing my tight butt. Only a few minutes more... I'm almost there... But then! Suddenly the lights went on, and a sturdy security man stepped up on the stage. He was tall, well shaped and overall handsome in his uniform. He tried to grab me, but I turned away quickly. We ended up in some sort of fight, and suddenly the fight changed into an animal-like sort of lust... Grabbing, tasting, kissing, caressing... Suddenly he too was naked, and we literary fucked like animals! Grunts, shouts, moans... No tenderness, just hard, cockthrobbing lust! He forced me on my knees, and fucked me doggy style until my knees and pussy were sore. I managed to escape his grip and pushed him over. I straddled him, and rode him cow girl style. He grabbed my hips, and pushed me up and down over his humongous erection. Soon we were both on the edge of a very satisfying orgasm. Just before I came, I felt his middle finger entering my butt. That was the trigger for both of us! For the first time in my life I came together with my sex partner! Exhausted we lay on the floor, covered in sweat. Later, in his report he stated that a wild cat was trapped inside, and that he released it and set it free. If I'm his wild cat, he is my panther!