His Was First in My Ass

A Sexual Fantasy

— By plug-me-in

I believe in the power of books to change the world. I believe in the power of erotic literature.

Some time ago I thought sodomy was a thing that only men enjoyed. I invented all sorts of excuses not to have anal sex with my boyfriends, because I thought I'd feel humiliated and even ugly. Until I came across Toni Bentley's book The Surrender through an article in a newspaper.

I read a few free excerpts and felt instantly excited. It was like a revelation: that woman felt so powerful while having anal sex... So attractive... Why not... After all, that hole is, well, always around, and sometimes it seems weird to ignore its existence.

I waited until I met the right man, someone I could feel 100% comfortable with. Then, as the book puts it: His was first. In my ass. Now it has become a usual pleasure... and my great pride.