A Sexual Fantasy

— By Coroin

I’m visiting a beautiful city in southern Europe with my partner. We have chosen to rent an apartment so we have our privacy. It’s in an old part of town with big doors from the bedroom to the balcony. We get settled, fool around a bit but my partner tells me he won’t let me cum until later that night, he wants to go explore the town first. I’m a little frustrated but I start getting ready to go out. I notice a neighbour across the road who glances over through the balcony doors, but I turn my gaze, find my bag and head out the door with my partner. We end up at a rooftop bar where after a while I notice the same neighbour. He comes over and starts chatting to us, and we continue to dance and drink. It’s getting later and the neighbour is getting flirtier. As the three of us are dancing, he finally confesses to us that he saw us fucking through the balcony doors. My partner seems a bit startled at first, but he’s tipsy too so he starts seeing the humour of the situation. He notices the connection I have with the neighbour and whispers in my ear “would this be a suitable pick?” I immediately tell him yes, so he tells the neighbour that we’re heading back, but that he’s welcome to join us in the apartment for a last drink. We arrive and settle on the sofa. My partner asks if the neighbour liked what he saw earlier. He says yes and I ask if he’d be open to joining. I’ve been fantasising about double penetration for the longest time and both my partner and I would love it if he could help us fulfil that fantasy. He seems excited, but mentions that he may not be the right pick as he’s never done anal before. My partner says not to worry and tells me to take off my dress. I do and kneel on the couch. My partner invites the neighbour to start by using his fingers and tongue to warm me up. He leaves for a second while the neighbour is licking and fingering me. When he comes back, my partner hands the neighbour the beautiful glass plug we brought and asks him to carefully insert it. He seems nervous, but is successful. I’m getting impatient, so I ask my partner if he’d be willing to fuck my ass first to show the neighbour how it’s done. He sits down next to me on the couch and I invite the neighbour to come closer so he can see. Facing away from my partner I slowly lower myself onto him. After fucking for a while I tell the neighbour I’d love it if he fingered me. He does. It’s finally his turn, so get up and kneel in front of the sofa. My partner pulls apart my cheeks and the neighbour slowly enters me while my partner is encouraging him and giving him pointers on speed etc. As the neighbour is getting the hang of it, my partner lays down and asks me to sit on top of him so he can fuck me. I do and the neighbour gets into position behind me. We fuck for a while, trying different positions. I’m completely ecstatic that my wish has come true. The neighbour is amazing and confident and my partner has proven again that he is an excellent teacher.