First penetration

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Beandock

My wife just gave birth to our second child. As we go thru the motions of being home with a toddler and a newborn, finding new routines, finding new grooves, finding out what it will take to raise two kiddos, I start to feel left out. My wife is not very sexual, I am. I crave new experiences, I crave to explore, she on the other hand is very vanilla. 
We go on living our day to day, but I become increasingly impatient. It has been three weeks, I am back at work. I start to touch her regularly, soft and sensual, she knows what I want, yet I cannot have it. We go on like this for a few more days before our anniversary. 
 I go to work like every other day, but when I come home, she is waiting. She is waiting in a skimpy outfit, she greets me with a deep passionate kiss. She has dinner ready, but there is a twist. No kids are home and she insists that I stay in my suit and tie. As we sit down for dinner, she tells me we cannot feed ourselves, but must feed each other. She also tells me that desert will be in our room. As we stumble thru dinner, it becomes increasingly hot. She is slow to feed me and as asks me to feed her withy hands. She takes my finger and slowly sucks it taking the whole thing in her mouth, stroking it with Immense passion. My other hand slowly feels her thigh, inching up, but she stops me and reminds me what the doctor ordered. Her hand reaches over to my rock hard cock, she slowly strokes it thru the pants while whispering that she will mKe me cum harder than I have ever cummed before. 
She takes my hard cock and gently pulls me up from the chair, telling me it’s time for desert. She leads me to our room, pushing me onto the bed. 
She then straddles me, kissing me deeply while grinding into me... she undoes my tie tie and requests to tie me to the bed. I oblige and nearly come at the request, she is going into uncharted territory. She ties me up gently while her breasts are in my face, her nipples are Rick hard and she makes me take them into my mouth. She continues to undress me, all the while my cock is throbbing. She takes my cock deep into her mouth, sucking, stroking it from tip to base, deeper than ever before. She takes me right to the edge, then stops. She has one more surprise for me, she lets me calm down, the reaches to the drawer to pull out a strap on. She asks me if it is ok if she fucks me. I quickly turn over and present myself. 
She straps on the cock, turns the vibration function on and lines up her hands. She takes my cock in one hand, while slipping in one, two then three fingers deep inside me. She nibbles my ear and asks me if I am ready, then slowly enters me with her strap on. She starts slowly, while penetrating deeply. As she is riding me from behind, she spanks me hard, then harder until I explode... I am exhausted, cum still trickling out, as my body shivers with pleasure never felt before.