Fill Up All My Holes

A Sexual Fantasy

— By analgirl31

Since many years I have been a fanatic anal sex fan. I prefer it to feel my husbands dick in my ass. We do it often, I know this is kind of strange if a woman says this, but it's true. I love the intensive feeling, the allure, the illegal and I can´t get enough of it.

I have this fantasy of getting fucked by two or three men. I lick their dicks, feel them in my mouth, vagina, between my breasts and at the climax in my ass, its rough and dirty but respectful, they do not dominate me, i do not dominate them. Its kind of pure love. Its kind of fanatic fondness from all of us for this one thing called anal sex. I start to beg for their sperm to fill me up. To fill it up in my ass, till its a huge mess with all of this beautiful white and creamy sperm. And while all this happens, my husband enters the show, and as he knows me good, there's just one look full of love and I see he's full of lust and he joins us. He makes everything perfect with his own sperm deep in my ass.