Escaping with your affair

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Linette

It’s Friday, I’m off from work, walking to the train station with a little suitcase, I say goodbye to my love, kiss him, have him telling me to enjoy my weekend. The train is waiting on the Perron, and the destination is Paris. I wave at him, and walk in, towards my reserves seat. As I sit down, the seat in front of me is taken…not by a stranger we’ll soon discover but my second lover, as my relationship is an open one, but very important: we do not tell each other when we’re escaping the partner-bed. What happens in Paris, stays in Paris, but we basically fuck every single moment, and invite people we meet to join us. Just being free and enjoying the beautiful life we have. As we take the train back home, we fuck one last time in the train’s restroom. We hear the name of our city, we get back to our seats, say very politely and distantly goodbye to each other and exit the train as if we didn’t know each other…back to our loved ones