Double Cocked Mutant

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Anonymous

I've a third degree cousin. I've always been sexually attracted by her and in the last months she noted that. One day she invited me in her apartment for a dinner. When I entered was soon clear what we were going to have sex together: she was waiting for me naked in high heels on the sofa. She ordered me to undress me and once I was completely naked she said: "And now wear my bra, suspender and stockings if you want to fuck me". I saw her eyes full of pleasure once I was dressed. When I approached her she gave me a strapless dildo and asked another time: "Please be my mutant with a double cock". I was so exited and accepted gladly. She put a little bit of lubricant and inserted the dildo into her ass. Finally I could be inside her pussy with my dick and in her butt too with the dildo. Seeing her pleasure added to the sexual stimulation, it was something incredible.