Discover the anal pleasure.

A Sexual Fantasy


My husband wanted to fuck my asshole for a long time. But, I didn't have this desire and I was afraid. I was thinking that it could hurt me.
 But my love was patient for many years.
 From time to time, when we were making love, he would put a finger in my ass and lick my pussy at the same time.
 A phalanx ... two phalanges ... And at the end, a whole finger in my asshole, always with his tongue on my pussy .
 I learned to love the anal caress. I discovered new sensations.
Then after a few months, he eventually penetrated me with an anal plug we bought on ERIKA's website.
 Gently, the plug came and went in my ass...
 He took out the anal plug. I had a prolonged and violent orgasm.
Now, I am ready to receive his cock in my ass.
 For his pleasure...
 For my pleasure...