A Sexual Fantasy

— By Freckles

I am alone in a fancy restaurant. After finishing a delicious meal, my waiter asks if I want anything else. After confirming he means "anything", I raise my dress, spread my legs and tell him to lick my pussy. He complies but stops after a short time, saying he must get back to work. I remind him what a good tipper I am. I tell him to summon more help, remove his pants and continue to eat me. I play with his dick while the water girl comes over to suck my tits. I stop him and have him lie on the edge of the table. I lube my ass and sit on him so he enters me anally. I have the busboy come over and remove his pants. I suck his dick to erection and have him enter me vaginally. With both men in me, I tell them nobody cum till I say so. Occasionally, I stop them when they get close to orgasm. I suck the girls pussy. Eventually, we all come together. I dress as if nothing happened but leave a very happy customer.