Campfire blaze - Pt. II

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Kinky Tess

After he admitted his concerns, but also his feelings towards me at the campfire, I was recognizing the blaze inside me. I could understand every doubt he was addressing - I had felt them too - and knew that we both wouldn't give a fuck about it now. So I stood up, approached him and took the beanie from his head while passing him. I put it on my hair, standing behind him now. My right hand was already surrounding his neck, wandering upwards and grabbing his hair firmly with determination.

I am sitting on the bumper of his car, legs opened, slightly leaned forward, seeing only his silhouette against the campfire. He is finally moving towards me, presenting me a silent laugh about how I must look right now wearing his beanie. Having him standing right in front of me, I am stating to pull up his t-shirt from the buckle of his pants to his chest, to start kissing his skin. He's grabbing his hands around my neck, already groaning. I can feel the pressure of his hands getting stronger, he is understanding that my behavior is an unspoken agreement to everything that will follow from now. His power forces me to lay back into the trunk of his car, where his bed for night is already been made. Feeling his body moving upon mine, chest pressed against me and his hand crawling under my pullover, he kisses me demandingly.

Pants are going fast, shirts even faster and underwear is just pulled aside. We are wanting this bad. Both. Fast and hard he's pulling his cock into me, supporting my wetness with a bit of spit. I'm pressing him closer by having my hands on his ass and he's starting to moan. "... Oh fuck.... what are you doing, girl?..... don't stop....". I'm exploring his butt further, feeling his strokes hard in me. Normally missionary is not my favorite position, but due to the limited space and the blaze of the moment, I am liking it! It gives me the opportunity to slightly run my fingers down the gap between his cheeks on his backside. As I am moving over his rim and arse, he's biting the side of my throat. >Oh fuck, what did I discover here!?< 'm smiling to myself. It takes just a few more touches with increasing pressure and he's on the point of no return.

I still have that beanie, makes me thinking about touching men's assholes every time wearing it.