Appreciate, Beg, Tease

A Sexual Fantasy

— By rosie

I love anal sex. A fantasy of mine is to be at the side of my bed with a man, asking him for anal sex. He tells me to show him how much I appreciate his cock and how badly I want it in me. A great blow job ensues that I enjoy giving immensely because I lust after his cock and want it in my ass so badly. After a good, long adoring blow job that included licking balls, the man tells me to get on all fours on the bed. He runs his dick up and down between my butt cheeks, rests for a second on my anus. I beg him to put it in me. He says, I should show him more how much I appreciate and want his cock. I get on my knees on the floor next to the bed and beginning sucking and licking him again, begging. This happens back and forth a few times, sometimes him teasing my anus with his fingers, me begging for it more and more. He finally slips his dick slowly at first into my ass and slowly out. The slow in and out, in and out makes me moan. Then he starts speeding up and pounding, at which point I wildly convulse and scream in orgasm.