Anal entailment

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Jay

When I wake up, there's a note on my nightstand. It's from my partner, who went to work early. "Tonight, it will be you and me. And we will entail anal." She was never into it before, but we fiddled around with anal toys on me. There's just something fun about prostate play. Although she never initiated it herself, it was part of our fun from time to time. She comes home after a long day and I've set the table. Dinner is ready and she has a certain glance in her eyes. Like she has all the control. "I'm finished, and I will go upstairs to refresh myself. When I call for you, you come upstairs. Immediately", she tells me with a strict, but cheerful undertone in her voice. After about 30 minutes I hear her voice calling me, and I proceed upstairs as she told me. In our room, she stands in lace lingerie with open crotch panties. But it's not her pussy that the panties reveal. It's a feeldoe. "Come over here darling", she says, and she throws me on the bed. "When I said anal was involved, I didn't point out who would be on the receiving end", she says seductively. I admire her figure and my eyes halt at the feeldoe. I can feel my heart racing, pounding in my chest. She climbs on top of me and pins my arms down with her legs. Her beautiful bottom is right in front of my face. When she bends over to jerk my cock, I can see the feeldoe pointing towards her lace encapsuled breasts. Her sex is glistening around her cock, while she jerks mine. "I know you crave this", she says. "Being pegged under my control." Her hands slide down to my anus. Her fingers are cold, by lube it seems. "Tonight I will make you mine, like you made me yours", she tells me while a fingers slides inside and touches my prostate. Her mouth wraps around my shaft for a few times and her weight is full on my arms. It's arousing and confusing at the same time. After a while, I feel the weight lifting from my arms, as she stands up. She spreads my legs, and playfully wraps her hand around my balls. "Ready?", she asks. I nod and after a few seconds I can feel the head of the feeldoe sliding in. A rush of arousal comes over me. Never had I thought that she would take the reigns like this, pleasure me like this. But she is doing it right now. "This will be the first time of many more, darling", she whispers. "Your ass is mine."