An Academic Encounter

A Sexual Fantasy

— By SmartGirlsLikeAnal

I am a graduate student with a proclivity for anal domination and I can't stop fantasizing about one of my professors.
He is about 10 years older than I am, impeccably dressed and devastatingly handsome with just a touch of grey in his hair. What attracts me the most to him, however, is his profound intellect and the aura of confidence that he constantly exudes. 
In my fantasy he asks me to meet him in his office after class one day. When I arrive he closes and locks the office door, saying that he knows I have been lusting after him all this time and that he returns my desires, but I have much to learn. He orders me to strip and bend over his desk then begins to lick my clit and pussy, working his way up to my anus. I am nearing orgasm as he probes my tight asshole with his tongue and I begin inadvertently rocking my hips back and forth so his tongue is fucking me in and out. He abruptly leans back, slapping me firmly across the ass and reminding me that he is the teacher and I am the student. He is in control. He begins to fuck me from behind, fingering my ass and reaching around me to stroke my clit until I am once again nearing orgasm. Before I can cum he turns me around, lifting me up onto his desk and positioning his cock against my asshole. He slowly eases me down onto it, moving my body up and down, controlling my movements. He begins to stroke my clit but tells me that I am not allowed to orgasm until he gives me permission. I begin to beg and plead with him to let me cum. Finally he orders me to orgasm, timing it perfectly so that we cum together. 
I could never act upon this fantasy as I value my academic integrity above all else. I hope you will consider adapting my fantasy through one of your beautiful films, if only to help me finish my PhD without losing my mind over this professor!