A Weekend At The Beach House

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Bart

Recently I met a couple online. Turned out we had a lot in common (we're all very open minded people, not shy to be naked around other people). After talking for a few weeks online we decided to meet each other at my beach house and stay there for a night. They brought some of their sex toys (dildo's, butt plugs, even a shoe with a 'butt plug heel', nipple clamps,....) I arranged all the food and drinks, we only had one rule, we wouldn't wear clothes when we were in the beach house or in the garden of it. Saturday morning we arrived, got to know each other over a cup of coffee in a local bar. Then we decided to go to the beach house and get naked. While getting ready to do a barbecue for lunch, we opened a bottle of wine and slowly we started to seduce each other a bit which led to some kissing and touching. It continued while having lunch, touching each others legs with our feet under the table. When we finished lunch we decided to lay on the grass in the garden. Slowly the grass started to tickle our bodies which led to some very romantic but also a very long and heavy sexual encounter. We used a lot of toys which eventually lead to me receiving oral from the man of the couple and we then proceeded to fuck each other. But the best was yet to come, the woman of the couple decided to put on her high heels which had the buttplug as a heel, she ordered us to lay face down on the grass and then she slowly started fucking both of our asses with the butt plug heels which was just the best feeling I've ever experienced. To finish, she let us both simultaneously finish on her chest.