A Sexy Sneak Peek

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Born naughty

I had my wife on her knees, asking to suck my cock, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I thought I heard something earlier in the pool - and it wasn’t the pool pump. Our friends had gone outside to the pool but were now crouching behind the patio furniture, just outside our bedroom. There was probably just enough light for them to make out what was happening. I had never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but this was exciting to me. My wife turned sideways so they could get a better view. Every now and then I would glance over and see the two wide-eyed people staring at us. I imagined what I would be doing in that situation - and how exciting it would be to see real sex between real people. I blew my load into her mouth and wiped my cock on her face, before getting her up on the bed, legs spread, bare pussy facing the window. She grabbed her biggest bullet vibrator out of the bedside table and put it inside of herself. I dragged it out from her - knelt down and licked her while she used the vibrator on her clit, teased her, then made her beg to put my cock inside her. I would go hard for a minute, then pull out and make her beg for more. Repeatedly. And then I did the boldest thing I could imagine - I asked her if I could fuck her ass. My wife was no stranger to anal sex but her bedroom persona was to be shy about it at first, then I would make her ask for it. It was incredibly erotic and when I finally did penetrate her ass, she would always respond with such a heartfelt “thank you” that I had to resist blowing my load right there. Except for this time, I had an audience. I worked on her mood, having her kneeling in front of me and looking away, before finally assuming the position and lubing herself up. At this point, I looked outside and my friends weren’t even trying to hide behind the patio furniture. Once my wife was fully ready, I grabbed her by the hips and worked my cock into her, as slowly as I could. It felt like I fucked her for hours - building up a huge orgasm - slowing down when she had hers - and even getting her to use the vibrator on her pussy. While I wanted to cum, I didn’t want it to end. My body ached to release into her - leaning over and whispering in her ear, making her tell me how good this felt. My wife swore like a sailor and was in tears from the intensity of her orgasms - before I finally blew my load into her. Collapsing on top of her, we both looked over when we heard a noise outside - it was the patio door closing. I’m quite sure that our audience ran back to their bedrooms to finish themselves off too.