A Country Idyll

A Sexual Fantasy

— By English Rose

I wanted to confess something I did a while ago, because it really does sound like something out of a film. I was seeing this guy for a while and we gradually started getting into kinky sex; BDSM, anal, loads of things I’d never tried before. One day we made lists of things we’d like to try and sent them to each other - sex outside was on his list and I agreed to do it with him. One day I took a day off and he rang in sick, and we drove out to the countryside. We took a picnic and walked up to the ruins of a house that we saw in the distance. Sheep had made it their home so it wasn’t very clean, so instead we just laid our blanket on the grass. It was the middle of the week and nobody was around. We spent about an hour chatting and eating and drinking some cans we’d brought with us. Emboldened by the fact that we hadn’t seen a soul we started kissing and then he laid me down, reached under my dress and took my knickers off. He started licking and sucking me until I came. Then I reciprocated, slipping his penis out of his shorts, taking it in my hand and then in my mouth, gently licking the tip first before taking it right to the back of my throat. Before he came he slipped his shorts down, climbed on top of me and started fucking me, it was amazing. Then it got even filthier, he turned me over, reached into the bag for the baby oil that he’d packed. He rubbed it all over my expose bum and then he slid into my anus, it was incredible. As we lay down afterwards half dressed he noticed a man coming over the hill. We scrambled into our clothes and sat up picking up our drinks. We don’t see each other any more but he always used to take pictures of me going down on him or us having sex and I still look at the ones from that day sometimes.