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Cintia Shapiro is an artist and photographer. Originally from Malaga but based in Barcelona, she is one of our absolute favorites first time performers here on XConfessions. Her interest in working in the adult entertainment industry started once she finally found porn that she liked. In 2017, she decided she wanted to make her first adult film and wasted no time. She contacted Erika Lust, and she even made a special request: to perform with the one and only Owen Gray. Because we are all about bringing fantasies to life, we made it happen. The result is electrifying, with the first time these two ever touched each other caught on camera. Tenderness, first time nervousness and accumulated sexual tension are the primary ingredients of the very first of Cintia Shapiro porn movies, available to you here at XConfessions.

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When this performer saw Owen Gray performing, it was an attraction at first sight. So much so, you can now watch the first ever Cintia Shapiro porn movie – I’m Obsessed with Owen Gray! In this romantic porn movie, you are the witness of two people meeting and having sex for the first time, on camera, for your pleasure. Watch this passionate porn and you will understand why everyone has a little crush on Owen Gray, our starlet included. It’s Cintia Shapiro’s debut!

In 2018, she Cintia returned to XConfessions with a bagful of experiences for a new hot obsession, this time around, with Men in Kilts. In this funny Cintia Shapiro porn movie, she indulges in the arms of not one, but two hot, strong, caring men with big hearts and bigger dicks - Hunter S Johnson and Romeo are the perfect co-stars for this funny porn. Thanks to them, you will never look at kilts in the same way. 

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