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Who is Bel Gris? Let’s get to know him in depth

Bel Gris is a Barcelona local, who made his XConfessions debut in 2013. He started experimenting with pornography because, according to him, what is life but trying new things?  He has a sense of humor you can never get tired of, and he likes to challenge porn stereotypes by showing his true personality in his performances.

His witty sense of humor, long hair, stylish glasses, and guitar skills might make him the hippest performer out there!

Asked about what he likes the most about making porn, he replied: laughing. He believes sex should be made with humor, an essential aspect of the human condition. Watch Bel Gris porn and you are sure to have a good time. He is hot and funny, what else can you ask for?


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In XConfessions you can find several Bel Gris porn movies, covering diverse fantasies. If you like illicit affairs and forbidden sex, with sexual tension that slowly builds up until they can’t no more, watch him playing the irresistible brother in law in “Dear Brother in Law”. He is messy yet so attractive and, spoiler alert, he will fuck his brother’s wife. For more oh-so-wrong yet oh-so-good sex scenes, watch I Can’t Stop This Affaire. In this Bel Gris porn movie, we reverse the gender roles in the overplayed cheating husband and young secretary, with him playing the hot younger lover.

If you are the more the merrier type of gal, watch Heidi & the Dough Boys, where Bel Gris joins Romeo and Heidi Priestess playing three bakers who have found the perfect recipe for a yummy threesome. If you want even more hot performers getting down and dirty together, Sadistic Trainer is the ultimate group sex porn.

And finally, for the kinky babes who love watching and/or being watched, El Chico de la Playa Nudista and Voyeur are two Bel Gris porn movies that will fulfill your deepest fantasies. 

Barcelona, Spain

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