The Ultimate Kink Take Two

by ravencohns

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Jo Koss is a fetish artist. Nudes, Art and Erotica is the fastest growing body of his work. His blog has become very popular in recent years with thousands of followers from which he gladly takes requests and submissions, time permitting.

Two gay men in a passionate marriage have never had sex with a woman. They want to know what it is like, if they are missing anything. One Friday night at their synagogue they see a very sensual woman sitting by herself. She catches one of the men's eyes, then the other. The gay couple share a deep meaningful glance. She's the one they've been looking for. At the oneg after services they approach her and make introductions. The attraction seems mutual. They retire to the men's home and discover that their eroticism knows no bounds.

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  1. 123Moondog says:

    Wow, this can be a big turn-on for gays AND straight people...

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