Finn Peaks

Porn Actor and Performer

Finn Peaks is a Berlin based genderqueer performer, model, stripper and escort. He has been a pleasure activist for several years and created many educative workshops on sex and intimacy, queer BDSM play parties & DIY porn short films. Moving in between feminine and masculine, he considers both his sexuality and gender as fluid and evolving.

Finn's second biggest passion after porn is sports. He loves rock climbing and working out in the gym. 

He stars in Olympe de G.'s guest directed film for XConfessions We Are the (fucking) World, in which every performer donated half of their fee to Amnesty International. Check out the film to hear Finn's perspective on queer porn and safe orgy practice! He's also in Poppy Sanchez second movie The Bike Club, another hot and sweaty Berlin orgy.

Berlin, Germany
Modeling, Film making, Activism

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