Performer Couples

Real sex on Film doesn't get more real than that between actual couples. Natural chemistry and tangible passion makes watching these pairs feel almost voyeuristic. All were together at the time of shooting, but all relationships grow and evolve, and some are no longer united.

Jet Setting Jasmine & King Noire
Jowy & Eze
Charlie Benedetti & Sara Brown
Oli & Verde
Tiffany Doll & Bruno
Annie & John Campbell
Sif & Clint Blvck
Moth & Rust
Lucy & Miro
Dinah Sap & Jan Ehret
Noir & Daryl
Tyler Nixon & Anya Olsen
Anneke Necro & Sade
Danny Dips & Poppy Cox
Miriam & Jorge Prado
Alexa & Joel Tomás
Irina Vega & Fenyx Santos
Sicilia & Sean
Yoha & Leo Gálvez
Selina & Alex AK