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John and Annie are a real life married couple who fuck every day. They enjoy what they call ‘Soulsex’ and consider it part of their daily spiritual practices. They experience their sexual union as a symbolic act of joining with the divine/collective consciousness/higher self. They first met in 2013 through an online dating site. When John introduced Annie to this new way of love making, she was surprised and delighted by the increased level of sexual pleasure. For her, it was so much more satisfying than the excitement-based sex she had experienced before. John and Annie believe that it has a positive impact on their relationship in general, and sex remains fun even after many years together. They wish to demonstrate to the more elderly generation that you can have an easy, varied and joyful sex life no matter your age! They feel that this sexual practice can benefit everyone which is why they dedicate their time to teaching couples and singles about this distinct way to make love.

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