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"Dear Erika,

We are John and Annie and we believe there is another way to fuck. We call it ‘Soulsex’. It creates great harmony in all areas of the relationship, it brings you closer to your partner and to yourself in so many ways. If everyone had sex this way there would be no arguments, no fighting, no war! Everything is slow; each person focused on their own sensations, their body and mind. Simply doing this increases the combined pleasure and ecstasy that you experience with your partner. Soulsex doesn't focus on a particular goal, it does not depend on an outcome such as orgasms or ejaculation. However, this does not mean that there is no orgasmic experience, in fact everything becomes so highly sensitive that orgasmic experiences occur with every contact, with every tender touch. There are no taboos and whatever feels good is good. It’s different every time and always deeply mindful. If everyone made love this way, they too would experience a deep intimate pleasure that creates an inseparable, natural bond. We want to share Soulsex with the whole world, we want to show them the beauty that is being created when love, lust and mind embrace.

It would be an honour if you would give us the chance to share our experience with the world. We'd love to make a film with you that shows love the slow way. "

— By John & Annie
Erika's comment

I'm very happy to have had the chance to work with this extraordinary couple, John and Annie, to show the beauty of senior sex, and to show that older people have desires too that are worth celebrating in adult cinema. Soul Sex was a very special shoot for me and my entire crew. It was also John & Annie first time performing in an adult film. The actual sex scene could not have been further from a typical, mainstream set. They started with some beautiful words of intention before starting their slow and tender "soul sex". They spent much more time touching, cuddling, holding, and gazing at eachother than performers usually would. They were also very vocal throughout and showed strong communication skills to tell each other what they were enjoying.

I hope that Soul Sex will contribute to normalising Senior Sex. I want to make seniors visible again in the public discussions about sex and pleasure and I want them to be represented in porn. People think that older bodies can't possibly be sexy or desirable because we have been fed the message through advertising, television and films that only young bodies are attractive. It's time we start shifting how we view senior sex.

Behind the Scenes

Your Comments
  • J
    Thank you for showcasing Annie and John’s love for one another and the tenderness of love making at any age X
  • F
    Fort Wendy
    That was really delightful! Thanks to everyone involved!
  • P
    I couldn't agree more about the importance of tenderness and real love making, not 'fucking' in sex. However, it can't be stressed enough that this should be seen as relevant to sex at all ages, this isn't really about 'senior sex' but bringing back the joy in sex and love that too often gets lost or dehumanised.
  • P
    So it would also be lovely to see some more like this but with a variety of different performers, genders, ages, orientations.
    • P
      That would be amazing. I would love to watch that.
  • K
    Best ever!
    My partner and I are trying to get there. And it is so much fun, joy, fulfillment....
    If only this "vocabulary", this language of love was a common, normal, accepted, good one at any age!
    Watching other films of xconfessions, I often wish, the scenery would just slow down...

    Anne and John show this long missed happy reconnection of lust and love and wholeness!

    Thank you so much!!
  • K
    I would be happy to have the "prayer" Annie and John give each other while holding each other. Would it be possible to mske kt accessible?
    Thx x1000!
  • S
    This is so important, radical, beautiful, and heart warming to witness. Thank you for sharing this union and giving all of us hope to have an electrical soul mate, that this kind of love is possible.
  • M
    This was amazing! Thank you!

    I have an immediate history of breast cancer as my mother is a breast cancer survivor and so I wonder how do women reclaim their sexuality when breasts are so sexualized. I love the breast play myself a lot and my partner enjoys them too. I do want to understand how do both men and women get in touch with their sexuality again after a medical trauma. I would like you to capture love making in such situations as well with all the sensitivity and imagination that you always bring to every production.
  • S
    This is unequivocally the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long while. Anne and John are a model for what I want my romantic relationships to look like. And in our neo Puritanical culture (at least in the US) this level of sexual awareness and enjoyment is rare. Thank you for sharing your love with us, I can’t imagine anyone watching this film and leaving unaffected.
  • 1
    Saw it.... loved it! This clearly shows that sex and love at an older age still can be magical!
  • L
    Beautiful and so sweet. I love how vocal they were with each other, before/during/after. I hope my partnership can grow into something more like this.
  • S
    Please produce more pieces highlighting the joy of sex from the perspective of those of us who above the 50yr old line
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