My Abduction Fantasy

Ramon Nomar is kidnapped by Katana and used for her sexual satisfaction!



By Rick79

Director: Erika Lust

Performers: Katana , Ramon Nomar

Erika, I've never done BDSM, despite being intrigued. But now I'm more desperate to try something.

My girlfriend and I watched this video a few nights ago. I don't think she took it seriously, but I can't stop thinking about it. I feel like I'm becoming obsessed.

In my head, I want her to abduct me. She's pretty tiny and I'm a rugby player so she's not very dominant. But the fear, I think that would subdue me. If she blindfolded me, took me by surprise. Made me feel helpless and weak for the first time. I wouldn't be able to do anything. Unlike the video I want to go all the way. She'll plan every detail and do everything to me that's sexually possible. She'll make me submissive.


Behind the Scenes

Erika's Comment

We had so much fun with this one! Ramon was a total sweetheart and I think he really enjoyed a little role reversal, being the submissive one for a while! And thank you for the amazing confession, it was super inspiring!

Your Comments

  • Anina
    where is the BDSM (besides the first 30 sec?)- dont like...not comparable to the other films here. Unfortunately
    Extraordinaria cojida, y muy bien filmada. Los actores son verdaderos acróbatas sexuales que nos deleitan con posiciones variopintas, y exhiben plasticidad, destreza, y excelente estado físico. Me encanto el film..
  • Dom_Paar_HH
    Well - as in previous Erica Lust films with allegedly dominant women - the interaction shown is not the way a woman makes a man "helpless" and "submissive" as mentioned in the really nice confession. It starts with a short glance of domination just to end up in a standard porn with a man dominating a woman.

    So xconfessions is about forgetting the clichés of mainstream porn, and the first thing the woman in control does is giving a blowjob to the man, really?

    Speaking in general, surprisingly it seems to be impossible to present a really dominant woman in xconfessions-films, maybe the only exception being "dominate me". Saying this as a dominant woman.
  • Emcd
    Those kids got talent!
  • D24
    It was good. But I felt like it took a turn like the woman became submissive to the man?
  • Kpuu
    Ramon is fucking gorgeous. Hope to see more from him.
  • Ricccp18
    OMG does anyone know what kind of outfit she was wearing? It's so sexy how she unbuttoned the crotch piece to gain access to his cock.
  • CatherineZ
    I love what you're doing here, Erika, but this one fell short for me. I'd love to see more truly dominant women in your films, but this one didn't deliver that unfortunately.
  • Arika458
    The chemistry between these two was #cortching HOT!!!! Hope to see more of them together!!!!
  • cocker888888
    please more Ramon Nomar!
  • dpublic

    Really disappointing. The speciality of the confession itself is totally outsourced to a mere frame story, neatly separated from the sex. And that's what's been happening in SO MANY of these films here. Left within the frame of real fucking there's just conventional porn sex without much of any eroticism beyond. This film it's particularly weird though, as she is not dominant AT ALL within the actual scene. On the contrary, she is totally submissive! But not even in terms of BDSM, but simply as the one blowing, and being conventionally fucked by a male porn actor. He even spanks her! Hello?!

    I’m really sorry for this harsh critique. I just couldn't PUSSYFOOT around it any longer after seeing this incomprehensible role switch. Here's writing someone for whom Xconfessions was a revalation. Films like "Somos Solo Cuerpos", "Dacrifilia" or "Entr'acte" really influenced me a lot and brough to me porn lust and visual erotisicm in a total new way. I really don't expect you to reinvent the wheel every four weeks. But I've been disappointed so often now by how much the films take the easiest way out, park the erotisicm in the backyard of a framing narrative, and reproduce just the visual clichees I originally thought Erika was so bored of. Yes, penetration turns on; yes, that your men keep licking the women to please them too might be a nice touch. But given all the great art house appearance and modern approach, you'd somehow expect there to be far more originality in awaking our lust. Like there IS, sometimes. Hoping for more of the good stuff, dpublic.

  • 135138
    Ramon Nomar is wonderfully expressive. All of the talking that he does makes the sex even hotter! Beautiful penis too!
  • scarfknitterman
    Ahhhh, loved it! And that ending <33 SwoooOOOnnn
  • janelauren
    Totally disappointing how the film ends in a typical trope of male orgasm. What about HER orgasm?!?
  • sabinekisses
    The chemistry between the actors was so hot!!! They are 🔥 together. However I do have to agree with the other commenters that a lot of your films use the confession to “frame” the narrative but the actors often devolve into somewhat “standard” porn sex. I admit that I actually enjoy somewhat standard porn sex and loooooved this scene as they we’re just so hot and passionate together. But it really didn’t follow the fantasy. Sometimes your racy storylines seem to really get diluted once the fucking starts.
  • Lightnlove88
    The performers were amazing. Great chemistry. Unbelievable moves. But I think the script writers messed up a bit. It just felt like light teasing from the woman at first and then it was typical submission from her part.

    Specially because the confession talked about abduction fantasies, where the man is almost scared and really taken out of his comfort zone... Ramon was totally comfortable and in control. I would have liked for him to seem a tiny bit more vulnerable and helpless. Specially because he looks so macho.