Living Toys for My Wife

by dundas4

Director: Erika Lust
Production year: 2013
Comments by Erika Lust

Oh my, what a generous husband you are! I admire your style, and love your description of "the moment of surrender". Monogamy is so overrated anyway, don't you think? I hope you like the clip that I made for your confession. It was shot with the unparalleled Paco Roca and Natalia Paris, and Toni Fontana as the gorgeous living sex toy, in the dark and dreamy Casa Camper Hotel in Barcelona.

I like to find my wife the best, most thoroughly satisfying sex toys out there. I love watching a woman - especially my hot lover - writhe in ecstasy and reach new heights of carnal lust.

As the years have gone by, I have now started to find living toys for my wife. Beautiful male faces on hot chiselled bodies, with huge members and insatiable stamina. I love to watch, to help, to make love to my wife with passionate kisses while our sex toys fill her like she never before!

I love to watch her moment of surrender, when her hands grasp his hard body and pull him into her. Some people would think of this as risky, but it has only enhanced our relationship, and our sex life. Our trust has been tested, and only strengthened as a result.

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  1. meatnordrink says:

    I was honestly a little disappointed! The film set itself up SO well, incredibly hot and tantalizing, wonderfully shot - then it kind of felt like it ended right when things got started! The actual sex part was so quick, and you couldn't really see any of it...I'd love to see this again, but with sex!

  2. clubbguy says:

    I completely agree with meatnordrink on this one. the actors are exceptionally hot...and so is the action and then its over. This one certainly deserves a Part 2 - the climax.

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