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Meet Natalia Paris, the Barcelona born bombshell who set the adult film industry ablaze with her magnetic presence. Even though Natalia Paris is now retired from performing in adult films, we are happy we had the pleasure of working together in some of the best Natali Paris porn movies, including two of Erika Lust’s very successful short films, alongside another fantastic performer, Paco Roca.

Although she's stepped away from performing, her impact will forever remain in the history of ethical erotic cinema. Erika Lust, mesmerized by Natalia's sensual magnetism and amazing acting skills, labeled her the Penelope Cruz of porn.

From the sun-kissed streets of Barcelona to the silver screen, Natalia Paris nude’s body captivated women, men, and every other gender. At XConfessions, her legacy as an icon of eroticism continues to inspire and to provoke.

Here you also have the chance to indulge in a rare treat as you watch one of Natalia's final porn films, available exclusively on our website. Enjoy the culmination of her luscious career. Warning: you will be left yearning for more.


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This one is for the voyeurs. Do you love the tension of watching others pleasure? Do you daydream about that rising excitement of getting caught and, who knows, being invited to join? We are getting hotter just by thinking about it. Are you? Watch Handcuffs and follow a kinky couple portrayed by Natalia Paris and Paco Roca as they get down and dirty in an iconic Barcelona bar.

And now, a generous husband who likes to find attractive men to have sex with his wife. How does this plot sound to you? In Living Toys for My Wife, this starlet turns into a lucky gal and her pleasure is at the center stage of this explicit porn movie that will awaken all your senses. Ready for the best of Natalia Paris porn movies? 

Barcelona, Spain

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