A Sexual Fantasy

— By XpolitiX

Imagine 2 nude men with their entire bodies painted. One red, and one blue. One represents the Republicans, the other represents the Democrats. My fantasy is to watch them wrestle each other for a while. Each struggling for supremacy. They each have their brief moments of dominance against one another, but after a while they realize that nothing much is happening. No one is really winning. They're just exhausted. While they are still struggling with each other, they both begin to feel something other than hate for one another. They both have become erected, then they both realize that all they ever really wanted was to feel love. So after a brief pause, and as their faces slowly come close to each other, they begin to passionately kiss and make love. After an intense moment of love, they bring their penises together and begin to stroke them until they both ejaculate at the same time, creating a wonderful image of red, white, and blue.