Wild First Ride

A Sexual Fantasy

— By NostalgiaErotica

My family moved a lot when I was growing up, so I never really made long lasting relationships and when I started dating it never really progressed beyond kissing. This meant that when I graduated high school I was still a virgin. Maybe not a huge deal, but for a hispanic-american living the US it was a very big deal. Summer after graduation I was hanging out with two of my closest friends in their backyard pool. Friend 1 (Female and a year older than me) and friend 2 (male same age) were teasing me about my love life when I confessed I was still a virgin. Friend 2 asked if it was because I didn't like girls. Friend 1 hit him and said "like that should matter." Honestly the thought hadn't occurred to me before that moment and I told them as much. "Let's find out," Friend 1 said. "let's experiment." She kissed me, and instructed friend 2 to kiss me. Which turned into more kissing. Which turned into touching and groping. The clumsy explorations of a virgin who didn't know his way around another person’s body, while my two more experienced friends helped me along. At some point, I don’t recall how, we ended up naked in her backyard pool in the middle of the afternoon. I had a penis in one hand, and a breast in the other. I had my mouth on nipples, a vagina and a penis. I had my penis in mouths and hands and butts and a vagina. I had fingers and tongues and a penis in my butt. I’m married now but I still fantasize about my wife and I picking up another man to play with so I can pretend to be a shy virgin learning about his own body and likes for the first time all over again.