A Well Hung Englishman

A Sexual Fantasy

— By pozzo

I was out one night in Dublin at a gay bar when I got chatting to a British couple. One of them was a bald, middle aged Scot with cheap tattoos. No thanks. His partner, who was much younger, caught my eye however. He was a handsome Londoner, well built and had a rough cockney accent which made me imagine getting up to some really filthy fun.
As the conversation progressed I moved to take his hand and to my delight he accepted, seeing this, his partner made an advance but I declined politely, he wasn't my type. Soon enough the younger guy and I left his partner at the bar and made our way to the guesthouse where they were staying. He managed to smuggle me into their bedroom and we immediately bagan to kiss and undress. He had a lovely way of deeply french kissing me and running his fingers through my shaved head. Once he dropped his underwear I knew I was in for a real treat ...... He revealed the most beautiful cock I have ever seen. It was smooth, clean, complimented by a shaved groin and was easily 12 inches of thick, strong manhood. We sat face to face on the bed and kissed further, our dicks brushing against each other before I got him on his back and lay on top, kissing him before I worked my way down, kissing, sucking and licking his chest .
At last I got to suck this gorgeous dick. I pulled back the foreskin and started to lick the tip of his helmet before going down and deep throating the big boy like he so richly deserved. I must admit I choked a little but I soon got used to it, not believing my luck at having such a lovely plaything for my mouth. It began to affect him and he began to groan in pleasure. I gave his balls some rapid sucks, drawing out its flesh with my mouth, we kissed again before he gave me delicious head with his teeth slightly biting my cock. We eventually fucked energetically, with him laying on his back and him on top. We ended with me sucking his dick again as I jerked off. We got back to the bar and he rejoined his boyfriend and I left them.