Two stories and a fantasy attached

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Paul

Hi, I'd like to tell you about two episodes that happened to me years ago when I thought I was straight but just lightly bi-curious, and none of my friends knew about it. Once, I was in a little bungalow in a beautiful mountain location during winter in Italy. It was my best friend's bungalow, and we went there skiing. When back from skiing, we would lay down naked in the bed to rest. He had always been successful with women; he was tall, blonde, had long hair, was skinny, and not shy about talking about sex. I was more shy. When we were lying in bed, I felt the urgency to wank, and hopefully, he would too as well, and I would have loved it if something could start: even as friends, I'd love it if he fucked me, and I'd loved it if he kissed me while fucking. Another episode: I had just arrived in LA, I found a studio flat to share on Craigslist and found this cute young Filipino gay man living there. It was summer, so hot that the a/c could not keep the studio cool enough. I always dreamed I would have asked him if we could have undressed, even completely naked, at home... I fantasized that when we went out a few nights together for drinks while already naked, I told him we could take a shower together to make it faster, and then I could have asked him to put soap on my back. I would have done to him; then we would start to kiss and masturbate each other under the shower. Then, we would not go out but stay on the bed, and he would have fucked and made love to me for hours and days... So, real stories, with a dream attached that never happened :( But I still wank off thinking at them...