Turn up the radio

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Albertolc

He would always come to the shop and buy two dozen sweet peas, a fragrant Sicilian flower. He must have lived nearby because he came to the shop two times a week.

It was a busy day, almost time for lunch break. Everyday I close the shop around 13:00. There were two costumers in the shop when he arrived. I was finishing a carnation arrangement for one of them when I noticed he was looking at other flowers. I thought he was taking his time whilst I finished. I rushed the carnation dome and attended the second person, a young guy who didn't know what to give his girlfriend. I handed him a peony arrangement and sent him on his way.

"Are you looking for a change from the usual?" I asked him.
"As a matter of fact, I do. I want something I've never had."

He charmingly smiled with a confidence that does not need to be revealing to incite passion.

"I have some anemones and tulips in the back room."

He followed me and while I gathered a bunch of flowers from a table, he put his hands on my waist and his breath on my neck. I froze and felt a shivering sensation down my spine. He turned me around. He looked vulnerable, but in control. Like it was the first time he had done such a thing.

"I didn't change the sign on the front door," I said.

He turned up the volume of the radio.

"This elevator music won't do," he replied.

The doorbell sounded and he told me to shush. He took off his t-shirt. He was tall and slender, with a hairy chest and beard. His eyes were piercing mine as he unfastened my belt. He took my erect penis in his hands and turned me around. Our jeans down he opened my ass and ran his tongue through my anus. I started moaning and he reached the radio and changed the station. David Bowie's Teenage Wildlife started playing loudly on the radio and he started penetrating me with his thick penis. I started moaning harder and he covered my mouth with his hand while he mounted me like a stallion against the table.

"I'm gonna cum..."I barely muttered, and stained a couple of sunflowers.

He came on my back and never returned for more sweet peas.