Turkish Bath Curiosity

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Buck

It's been a while since I have had this fantasy. I recall traveling to Budapest and showering in Turkish baths. When I was drying off... I noticed an athletic man in his 30s eyeing me. He slowly dropped his towel and revealed a fabulous large member. I stared at it and he noticed my large amazement. He went into a hot sauna and I followed him. He was sitting with his eyes closed and I noticed his cock getting hard and thicker. As I was mesmerized by its growth... he winked and told me to touch it. I could not resist and began to massage it as he moaned. I knew how to massage it from my vast experience of pleasuring myself. I got him to full size and he must have been 9" full. I told myself this is my only opportunity to find such an experience, and a rare cock. I put my lips on its head and began sucking him.... it was so foreign to me but I was always curious about what it felt like to suck an enormous penis.