Tonight's the Night

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mr. M

When I go to the local independent film festival alone, I imagine that, after the film ends, I meet a quirky middle aged couple. The woman, in her early 40's is very friendly, talkative and straightforward. On the other hand, the guy is quiet, but has a deep stare that tells me all I need to know about him.

They invite me to join them for coffee. Since I don't drink coffee, I take a sip of black tea with lemon on the side. We get into a deep conversation about film, literature, life, when I notice they start murmuring each other things I cannot hear. At one point, the woman grabs my hand and caresses it; the guy, he starts slowly pressing my leg with his hand under the table.

She is blunt and tells me they want to take me home and give me a huge "surprise". He utters that I should trust them, I will enjoy it... I've never experienced something like this and I am very curious, so I accept.

At home, they take me to their big room. I'm scared and let them know I have never done this. Each holds me by one hand and kiss me on the neck. She goes further and kisses me passionately on the lips. She guides, I follow. They lay me on the bed. While we make out, he starts removing my pants, kissing my legs, removing my boxers and later... caressing and lubricating my private parts.

Later, he moves towards my face, stares at me and kisses me instead. She starts removing his underwear and steps aside to watch us intently. We proceed to frot, kiss and suck each other while she watches with pleasure. He knows that, since we have similar bodies, he doesn't need to tell me what to do.

When she joins us again, he removes slowly the rest of her clothes, kissing her breasts, nipples, stomach, and the rest of her. This time he guides me and shares with me her flavors. We lick her completely; she moans...

He wants me to fuck him first, so I oblige. Meanwhile, she grabs him and prepares him with her tongue. While fucking him, he pleasures her. We seem to become one. Now, it's her turn. She wants him to go first while I hold her and fondle her breasts. Later, I enter her. I like it nice and slow. Meanwhile, he starts playing with my ass and preparing me. I'm adamant, but end up complying: they both turned me on so much that I become receptive... After a long while, she finishes first!

That NIGHT... I ended up learning the line between fucking and making love, being active and passive, being young and old, feeling masculine and... embracing my feminine side.