The Co-Star

A Sexual Fantasy

— By ArmChairCritic

I've never had a man as a lover but when I watch Bishop Black something is stirred in me. I like watching him with women and with men. This is one of the things I've imagined. I've imagined being invited by a friend who works on one of your crews, to view part of a shooting and as I watch I find I'm enthralled by Bishop. He notices me watching him and right in the middle of shooting a scene he breaks away and walks over to me, reaches out with one hand to cup the side of my face and softly kisses me. I can't help but reach down and feel his cock, it's the first time I've held another man's cock in my hand and I like the heat and the feeling of it throbbing as I hold it. That combined with the kiss makes me hard and then feeling his hand touch mine makes me even harder. Feeling it isn't enough, I have to taste him, I want to see what it feels like to have his cock in my mouth so I kneel down. I notice the cameras on us but I don't care, I even wonder if this might end up in the film being shot.