That girl who had a boyfriend

A Sexual Fantasy

— By LaserCat

There is this girl I went to college with. We were in a one-year team project. I've always found her terribly attractive. We had a friendly relationship, but she had a boyfriend so I never tried to bring things further. He's a big guy, so I was scared to mess with him... Now a couple years after college ended, I've basically lost contact with her, but still masturbate often to ther memory. Now starts the fantasy. I see it's her birthday on FB and wish her a happy one. We start chatting a bit, and then more and more. The discussion is nice, so she invites me to her house so we can talk more about the good old days at school. I accept and go to her place. It's nice seeing her again, we have lots of fun talking and taking drinks. We move to the pool and play like kids in the water until her bikini top accidentally falls. I take a good look at her breasts and just can't look elsewhere. She notices it, but doesn't mind it... We look at each other, and it turns out she was as much into me as I was into her all these years. So we start having the best sex ever outside by the pool. Until a few minutes later, her boyfriend arrives! I'm panicking, but she's not. Instead, when he comes to the backyard and sees us fucking passionately, she just starts yelling at him that he's interrupting us and that he should be ashamed! She even orders him, to seek forgiveness, to actually suck my dick. At fist I'm terribly embarrassed, but I'm just so obsessed with this girl that having her naked, watching me being sucked by her submitted boyfriend is terribly hot. So I let him and he starts sucking my dick, under his girlfriend's eye. But that's not enough for her. She orders him to get naked and bend over. Then she asks me if I want to fuck his ass. At this point I just don't even care. So I penetrate him. Then she finds a dildo and it's her turn, while I just play around. The rest is a mix of fucking him and us having the best sex we ever had.