Teasing Routine

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Mae Velvet

I have a younger brother whose friends I've known my entire life. It turns out, that three of them grew up to be quite handsome. They live in other cities, but from time to time they all come to Buenos Aires and stay at our apartment. He is really jealous of his friends, my little brother, so I can't just walk up to either of them and make a move. But I do enjoy tempting them. I might get out of the shower with the shortest towel. Maybe bend over the couch unnecessarily to reach out for something. When having dinner I'll make sure I lick my fingers in a sensual manner. But my favorite of all was during their last visit...It was past midnight, we've all gone to sleep. I started fantasizing about one of them, and slowly caressed my breasts, my neck. I moaned softly. I heard a noise coming from the hallway. Somebody else was up. I carried on. I then started going lower, I was a bit wet. I couldn't help a somewhat louder moan escape. My door was slightly opened, and I felt one of the boys was on the other side, listening. That's when I decided I would make this a performance. It was dark, but you could still see my silhouette, and my pale breasts shined with the moon light. I moved up and down drawing small circles with my pelvis. He pushed the door just a touch further. I fell on all fours and crawled over the bed towards him so he could see me better. We locked eyes. I was so turned on. I went on my back and without taking my eyes off of him, I went in with two fingers and made me squirt. He couldn't believe himself. He was touching his hard cock over the boxer shorts. He moaned as well. I licked my fingers covered in all my juices. I was hoping he would come in, and eat me up. But somebody else turned on a light, and he had to get out of there. The next morning we looked at each other with complicity. I can't wait for his next visit.