Tape me, paint me & fuck me

A Sexual Fantasy

— By Raul

My name is Raul and I work as a painter. The other day I was in a guy's studio, he was a geek. He was working in the computer all the time while I was covering everything up in plastic and fixing it to the furniture with tape. I couldn't stop looking at him. His neck. His smile. His hands on the keyboard. I couldn't stop imagining him making me seat in one of his living room chairs and covering myself in tape. Then I imagined he started kissing me and licking me, first my ears, then my cock Then he made me eat his, while he held my head and banged one time and another. Then he took the brush and started painting my chest... All of a sudden I was not tight anymore to the chair and we were fucking on the floor, covered in a plastic sheet, tape and paint in all colours. We fucked and it was amazing. Then I sort of woke up. I had finished my work. We shaked hands and I went home. 
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